What is Glass Balcony. How is Olml?

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Glass balcony closing system is the most modern way to create an aesthetic and functional balcony in your home. The ability to meet the same point of the glass folding is a system that can give you the best answer to why seasonal changes.

In this way, benefiting from places such as closed ever kept open in good weather conditions are provided. Wind, rain, snow, dust, etc. provides protection from external influences in adverse weather conditions ...

Glass balcony off system combines the aesthetic integrity and functionality perfectly. As well as providing appropriate colors and enjoy as your structure is extremely useful and durable paint of the aluminum used in my .SYSTEM is electrostatic powder coating, deformation resistant and long lasting.
All tempered glass used in glass balcony closing system (securit) glass for maximum impact resistance and fracture risk has been removed and therefore is reduced to the lowest level. If desired in the glasses used in the system tinted glass alternatives available.
Cafe, restaurant, glass balcony systems used in places such as the introduction of functional systems without running restaurant is below the threshold.