What are the advantages Glass Balcony?

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? Landscape and does not generate losses in the image.

? enjoy the panoramic view offers.
? does not cause changes in the structure of the building.
? ensures the four seasons throughout the year benefited from your balcony.
? Windows can be opened or recovered fro in both directions
? Architecture creates impressive.
? Cleaning, maintenance is easy and practical.
? protect against the theft to the shock resistant tempered glass used.
? In the event of breakage of the glass with unusual effects, the damage to the environment divided into small pieces
? Rain, protects from external factors such as snow and wind.
? ensures the safety of your children.
? creating new areas in your home.
"I işletmecisiy Cafe. I want to combine my type of garden open spaces alike. But I do not want to get any threshold between the two parts. What should I do?"
System between the glass facade systems used for balcony glazing Cafe and Facade systems are implemented without any threshold profile. Therefore recognizes merge two different sections of the facility as required.