Glass Balcony with PVC What`s the Difference?

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Plastic Window

Landscape Loss: video loss is a combination of plastic sealing profiles reaches 40%.

Cleaning: is not opening all the windows in plastic balcony off sarkılarak necessarily need to be cleaned out with a chance to prune users come quite difficult.
In violation of the zoning regulations: It is against the zoning legislation that makes visual pollution. has to be dismantled if the complaint. plus the site management are strongly opposed to all balconies closed with plastic frames.
Health hazards: generally used plastic material of plastic joinery broken material (recycled plastic) includes a large proportion of carcinogens and the sun is also when more girls into the plastic smell because it makes it uninhabitable.
Heat Insulation: Plastic chopping provides 100% impact in terms of thermal insulation. but the venue from out balcony pantry, small room, or the greenhouse effect.
Glass Balcony
Landscape Loss: Loss of image in any way constitute any combination of the glass balcony off the record that profile.
Cleaning: Because glass balcony repeatedly turned inward folding glass wings protruding from where you sit in the system offers easy cleaning.
The violation of zoning regulations: the glass balcony off the visual pollution and that do not disrupt the building`s exterior structure of the violation of the zoning regulations. The implementation of this system is saving local governments.
Health hazards: 1. Because glass balcony systems and overall quality aluminum coated glass does not threaten any health problems. Unlike systems that let the pros are times in terms of health and strain due to the sun`s energy is fully opened and closed.
Heat Insulation: Glass balcony systems in terms of thermal insulation 10% - compared to 15% in plastic gets cold. However, this ratio as your closing in a balcony room is no need to remove from the balcony.