Architect`s goal is to make a name in the whole country Glass Balcony

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Sector 8 years `innovative` work with the striking `Didim Glass Balcony`, 4th branch in Efeler `Architect Window Balcony` opened with the name. About 1 year serving Efeler Young Architects Owner Operators Sea Glass Balcony Uysal (24), "We have seen that there is insufficient and lacking in quality Efeler in the sector and we opened our branch in Efeler 4th. This business is very sophisticated, citizens who want to make glass balcony is a difficult task to decide, people are looking for will be addressed in opposition. `Didim Glass Balcony` name, the head of Efeler peoples `future from Didim are, how do we get when the problem` you create concern because our name `We have changed Architects Glass Balcony` is, "he said.

Sea glass balcony, indicating that many of the company Aydin Uysal, said:
"We Balcony Coating Systems (BKS) we use. I also do not see the show room elsewhere. We are a young and innovative company. There are magnetic seals on the glass balcony. Efeler first time and we are installing only magnetic ribbed glass balcony. We have 10 months to more than 300 separate balcony glass. We introduce businesses and sites with glass balcony leading intellectuals. Our goal for 2015, at least 800 separate balcony glass house and do business in Aydın. "
Aydin was introduced magnetic ledge
Which has existed since 2007 in the sector and the company that first Aydin first magnet wick `Architect Window Balcony`, opened its first branch in Didim. Then Akbuk and opened a branch office in Kusadasi Architect Window Balcony, putting into service in Efeler the last branch was introduced in the public sector with showroom. Glass balcony of summer wearing firms, citizens were opened in Muğla on the recommendation of each other. Who stated that the only purpose of making money Architect Window Balcony Owner Uysal, "There are many beautiful homes in Aydın. Mütahit are making beautiful homes. We want to beautify the exterior facades of the houses in the Aydın. Customer-oriented working. We cater to 38 staff and a principal in the Aegean region. We have a professional staff. In addition to innovation, we are a very open company. Welcome to the future of our clients offer. We rely too much on our work, "he said.
"We claim no better than us`
"We bet on us Aydin no better `out with the slogan Glass Architect continues the construction of the balcony`s website. Website which will be launched in the coming days we can notify citizens suggestions and complaints.
Uysal states that are 14 dealers in the Aegean Region, "in the Aegean Region, glass balconies mass production, we are doing wholesale. Dismantled Our sales are available. Dealers and dealerships will be given. Our goal is to make a name in the Aegean region and then in the whole country, "he said.
Why Wicks Magnetic Architect?
Various products in order to provide insulation between the blades are used in the glass balcony. But the most important problems of existing products, as soon as the balcony attached to the glass causing it to lose the elegance of a balcony glass prevents the image could not offer good insulation not cause visual pollution or changing color over time.
Magnetic wick product is manufactured after ending the visual pollution of thin design with glass balconies and long R & D studies and extensive laboratory testing to ensure a good seal. Wicks magnet due to the breakage and loss of flexibility in weathering standard ribbon magnet is manufactured with a special material, can keep its first day on the balcony without any deterioration innovation for 10 years. Magnetic tapes to adhere to glass Industrial Tapes and Adhesives 3M Turkey property for many years was obtained from the department is able to protect itself without any deterioration.
The gap between two glass roving magnet designed in different thicknesses for complete filling of the overflow balcony glass design is a beautiful view out of the window more times. Straight and angle as the square can be applied to all balcony and a lovely balcony is applied to all image processing on the vermektedir.fitil glued to the glass and can be easily developed with special Puncher neatly done.
Magnetic seals, insulation in the balcony with the aesthetic image that gives the balcony glass contributes highly to start a new era.